Connectivity with Government of Many Countries

- This is a big game. But with my being Ex. Commercial Counsellor (more info you may get at Linkedin) + international exposure of 5 continents (USA, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Africa, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Dubai, Hong Kong, India etc) + experience of international trade show, I can help you.

What kind of Projects?
- Government makes purchases in bulk. Govt. purchases everything for their people.
- You can explore possibilities of selling them the product you are already dealing in.
- Or, maybe you can understand what Govt. wants to buy. And supply those products.

Which country's Government we are talking about?
- Everybody is focussing on powerful and rich countries. But nobody is paying attention to small, peaceful, countries which are looking for products, technology, training, services, solutions in all sectors.
- It is not a generic service. It is highly customized solution. Thus, I can not share any generic information here.
- But with this vision, I am open to discuss further with you, on one-to-one basis.

- Be in touch with us and let us know your interest in representing your company to connect with Government of few small countries.

- We are here to help you. Our objective is your growth.